Chilli Cool Restaurant
15 Leigh street
020 7383 3135

Chilli Cool's



Chilli Cool is located at the lively area of King’s Cross, yet a quiet and relaxing spot. In combination with ‘the hidden at heart of city’ Sichuan kitchen style, it is truly another star of Sichuan cuisine. Sichuan, its unique location and climate had given birth to this spicy, delicious and one of a kind traditional cuisine. One of the four traditional food of China, popular at its homeland, and it is now been brought to you at the heart of London.

Chilli Cool makes its own secret recipe of red hot chilly oil; awaken your taste buds like no other. The unstoppable savory hot spicy chicken bedded with fresh tender bamboo shoot, the homely yet famous Beef and Ox tripe in Chilli sauce, juicy delicious sliced belly pork in mashed garlic sauce… Those one after another most unique appetizers, will take you to kick of a discovery of oriental delicacies.

Now, it is time for the real star to come on stage: Leng Guo Fish (Fish with fresh Chilli sauce), it is the choice of the chef, due to its beautiful texture and flavor at mouth, deliciously spicy, the freshness lingering at the month. Tender chicken with crunch whole peanut, Gong bao chilli chicken. Sweet, sour, savory and freshness, all four in one. Shui zhu beef (Sliced beef Szechan style) with Chinese leafs and celery… all those combined it will be like a firework of Far East delicacies!

If you still have stomach left after that! Then don’t miss out the Dan Dan noodle, Pork dumplings, Pork Wonton… to draw a perfect ending of this delicious adventure.

Our passion is about our customers and the food, Szechuan, the wonder of China, why taking the long flight, it has been brought to you by us at Chilli Cool.


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